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Logbook Of The World This is my preferred QSL confirmation method, especially with the costs of cards and postage nowadays. I will NOT entertain any requests for payment for you to confirm our contact via LOTW, if I want to donate to your expedition, I will, but I will not be held “hostage” to getting …

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Arduino and Touch Screen Based LDMOS SSPA Contoller

Code available here:

Haier DC Inverter Airconditioner Repair

Model 1U71SABFRA Not amateur radio related but might serve as a reference for someone, and a future reference for me as I have 4 of these. The indoor unit started giving an error E7 flashing on the display and no cooling or heating – the outdoor fan was not starting at all. I managed to …

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Icom IC-7300 Over Voltage Repair

Parts of this repair could also be valid if you reversed polarity to the radio, though the survival for reverse polarity should be better as a diode (marked C further down) should just blow the fuses on your DC cable. Now to the over-voltage bit…. A linear power supply without a crowbar protection circuit is …

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LimeSDR Mini Repair

Having been one of the initial backers on CrowdSupply, I received the LimeSDR Mini around mid-2019 and started playing with in the 2020 lock-down. Link to LimeSDR on Crowd Supply I was noticing that after using it for around 15 minutes, the received signal levels were getting lower and lower until eventually disappearing, the chips …

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Icom IC-7300 Clock Repair

The Icom IC-7300 has an internal rechargeable battery to retain the running of the Real Time Clock – RTC. The battery charges when connected to your power supply, however drains deeply when left un-powered for a while. The issue seems to be that this Lithium Ion battery has a limited number of deep cycles and …

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Website move

As you might have noticed, I have moved the website to Having starting with my first website back in 1997 written in raw HTML on an Amiga 1200, this page has always been kept running over the years, either hosted on my own home server or in the last few years, on a rented …

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Ready for 10GHz tropo season…

Skeds via email please 9H1LO 10.368GHz contact with SV3/SV1EBS in Greece on 20th June 2021: QSO with IW0RAF 25th July 2021 Local testing with 9H1BN:

My Tindie Store for parts and kits

Tindie is the marketplace for makers to fund & sell their hardware creations. I have started selling some basic kits for hobby use and also NOS parts I have too much of. These are priced cheaply and the mark-up I make barely buys me a beer, so it is not at all a side-business, but …

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144MHz Meteor Scatter

It is surprising how far 2mtr can go with the help of meteor scatter using MSK144 mode. Links about MS: