Website move

As you might have noticed, I have moved the website to Having starting with my first website back in 1997 written in raw HTML on an Amiga 1200, this page has always been kept running over the years, either hosted on my own home server or in the last few years, on a rented VPS. I could have hosted the “free-ish” WordPress framework directly on the VPS, but in all honesty, having everything directly on WordPress itself saves me lots of hassle and time with keeping it updated, secure, patched etc so maybe I can dedicate more time to content than fiddle with raw HTML & CSS, php-extensions, packages that got deprecated over the years, but I never bothered to evolve my code etc etc. Should the need arise to integrate to any custom pages that need to really be on my own server, such as when I ran the DX cluster and QRSS grabber a couple of years ago, the option still exists. Oh well, I made it to web 2.0 I guess, took a while 🙂

Update 2022: Page moved back to my own server at Akamai, wordpress charge silly fees, I can manage a LAMP server myself, thank you 🙂

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