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MySQL Connector and Web-Interface for DX Spider

DXSpider is Copyright © 1998-2007 by Dirk Koopman G1TLH. Purpose: The purpose of the script is to extract the DXSpots from the DXSpider data files and write them into a MySQL database. This gives the facility of interfacing to the spots in many ways, mainly from a web interface, which was the main reason for …

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12GHz Division by 8 prescaler

This design uses the Hittie HMC363 prescaler chip. It divides the input by 8 so if 10GHz is put in the input the output is 1.25GHz. Component assy:To fit the ERA-1, (or NBB-310 for higher frequency performance)Drill a hole to allow the body of the device to drop down thru the pcbso the leads are …

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1.2GHz MMIC Amplifer using AH-1 MMIC

This amplifier can be used as a driver for a PA module or as PA by itself. 10dBm (10mW) input should give about 23dBm (200mW) output. It is constructed on standard double sided FR-4 board and supply is 12v. Higher Gain Version This high gain amplifier will provide 23dBm output across the 23cm band. It …

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DDS Based QRSS Beacon

Based on the design by Matteo Campanella, IZ2EEQ who’s article appeared in QEX Magazine. Lots of inspiration and support from Colin G6AVK and the QRSS Knights Group. It is based around an Analog Devices AD9851 DDS and a PIC16F628. I designed the PCB using Eagle.

30m QRSS Receiver

This receiver designed for 10.140MHz. It is intended to be used for Slow Morse (QRSS) reception.

30m QRSS Beacon Transmitter

This beacon puts out about 0.5W on 10.140MHz. It is intended to be used for Slow Morse (QRSS) operation.The actual design is by Colin G6AVK and PCB by 9H1LO.The varicap is a normal 3mm red LED. Transistors can be 2N2222 or 2N3904, PA final 2N3866 or 2N4427.

HF Frequency Locked Loop by IK3OIL

This design by IK3OIL has been quite popular, especially used as BITX VFO. Some Indian hams have also created a kit from these designs. Boards mounted in tin plate enclosure 16×1 LCD Display

17m SSB exciter based on BITX-20

This is the SSB exciter used in the 17m 9H1LO/B PSK31 (USB) beacon.