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Tindie is the marketplace for makers to fund & sell their hardware creations.

I have started selling some basic kits for hobby use and also NOS parts I have too much of.

These are priced cheaply and the mark-up I make barely buys me a beer, so it is not at all a side-business, but more of a contribution to the hobby and community.

I sell on Tindie

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Crowbar Protection for Ham Transceivers Kit

This has been one of my most successful kits and I hope it has been of great use and fun to build.

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  1. […] A linear power supply without a crowbar protection circuit is a bad idea, I supply kits on Tindie to avoid this situation. A high current linear PSU with output pass transistors (usually some 2N3055) going short circuit from Emitter to Collector could possibly feed your radio with a high current supply anywhere from 20 to 30 volts ! OUCH ! – Get a crowbar for linear PSU or go SMPS. Click HERE for Crowbar kits. […]

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