I have always been interested in electronics and radio and have been licensed since 1997 at 14 years of age and my activities are mainly in Microwave Communications, Amateur Satellites and Amateur Television (ATV).

I am mainly active between 144MHz and 10GHz and now looking at 24GHz and EME communications.

I have successfully setup long range WiFi (802.11) links on 2.4GHz & 5GHz and operated Analogue and Digital ATV to Sicily , Barcelona, Sardinia, Corfu , Greece and others, on various microwave bands.

I also have an ongoing interest in internet communications, Linux operating systems, and micro-controllers.

I am the owner/operator of the 9H1LO-1 DX Cluster, 9H1LO/B 10MHz — 18MHz — 28MHz — 144MHz Beacons and 9H1LO/r ATV Repeater.

In 2004 I built the 9H1ATV, Analogue ATV repeater, which is hosted by MARL.

As my day job, I am a broadcast engineer with a local telecoms operator.

I also do technical consultancy to various entities, mainly in the telecoms and broadcasting fields.

I also hold a Private Pilot Licence and own my own aircraft – 9H-UMD