9H1LO MIA Radar Processor v.0.7 Beta
19 Jul 2019
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This is still beta and has some bugs
To fix:
*Time to 23:59 not 23:00-fixed v0.6
*Dissallow overlapping times
*Adjustable animation speed
*Allow option of selecting Ascending or Descending order-fixed v0.7
*Obtain MIA Permission
How does it work?
Uhhh quite complicated...MIA don't seem to keep the same sequence and sometimes the radar goes off so the only way to indentify the actual date and time is to run an OCR process on the image! After some clever processing we create a database entry and store the image!
How do we guess if there is rain in the image? Again, using image analysis we try and decifer the amount of colour in the image.This is still experimental and we will try to get it as accurate at possible.
If you want more details drop me an email!
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