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30m QRSS Beacon Transmitter

This beacon puts out about 0.5W on 10.140MHz. It is intended to be used for Slow Morse (QRSS) operation.
The actual design is by Colin G6AVK and PCB by 9H1LO.
The varicap is a normal 3mm red LED. Transistors can be 2N2222 or 2N3904, PA final 2N3866 or 2N4427.  

Download PCB Layout        Download Oscillator Placement Diagram        Download PA Placement Diagram
30m qrss transmitter

Interested in amateur radio?

Here is a little more information if you'd like the details on the beacon transmitter!

Few people need to know such things in this day and age of smart gadgets and the latest O 2 uk phones, but it is always nice to know more.

Morse code is quite important for amateur radio operators, not to mention some pilots and air traffic controllers.

It doesn't take too long to memorize, if you wish to. It is a clear and easy form of telecommunication that has been around since the 1800s.

It is wise to be familiar with the Morse Code SOS signal, since it is recognized internationally.

People tend to learn through either the Farnsworth or Koch method. Whichever one you choose, good luck!

You are on your way to being a fully fledged amateur radio operator.

All parts,toroids, PCB and 10.140MHz Crystal for this project are available from 9H1LO.